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Published 9 Feb 2019

[cont'd] discount offer that you receive and read, you'll earn a cool US$0.05 (or a nickel if that makes it a little easier to understand.) If you, as a marketer or advertiser, wish to connect with potential customers, IgTwit lets you copy up to 50 Instagram and Twitter handles in one click by moving the map to a specific location and simply pressing the “Grab Names” button. This enables IgTwit users to easily connect with posts they find interesting and can also be used as a powerful marketing tool for businesses and 'influencers' who want to reach out to a larger audience.

So, as you can see, IgTwit offers both consumers and marketers an interesting new way of connecting as well as delivering a fun and unique method of sending and receiving an advertising message. On the one hand, you get to explore Instagram and Twitter posts from all over the world on a map whether they are in the town that you live in or on the other side of the globe. Just move the IgTwit map to any location and you'll see all the public postsfrom that area. To make life even easier, you can just hit the 'List' posts and you'll get them all laid out in chronological order. 

As you can see, IgTwit is a very interesting new development in the worlds of Instagram, Twitter and marketing in general. For advertisers, marketers and 'influencers,' it allows them to...