Developer description

Bored and got some time to kill? The iKillTime app will show you thousands of funny pictures to make you laugh. It pulls humorous images from the web and shows them to you one at a time. You simply swipe up to rate the picture as funny, or down if it's not funny. As you rate the pictures, an artificial intelligence algorithm learns about your sense of humor from and populates your queue of images with only those that are most likely to be funny to you.

iKillTime differentiates itself from other apps that serve funny images by incorporating artificial intelligence in determining which pictures to show each user. Images are not shown randomly, nor are they shown based on a particular image's total number of "funny" ratings, since an individual's sense of humor may differ from that of the crowd. The user's tastes are given priority, and their own funny ratings history is used to find more funny pictures specifically for them, similar to the popular music app Pandora. Furthermore, iKillTime provides a simple and uncluttered fullscreen interface with an intuitive swiping mechanic for progressing through the unending supply of images. With no tiny buttons to tap, the picture is placed front and center, and the user can blaze through images with one-handed operation.

iKillTime is free, and can be found on the App Store at:

iKillTime is also on the web at:

Planned upcoming features for the app include the ability to zoom in on images, services for sharing images, animation coinciding with swiping gestures for intuitive rating feedback, and single sign-on for browsing of ratings history, recommendations for friends and other metrics.

Last updated 22 Jun 2012