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iknow.io is a data-driven knowledge sharing community for curious people.

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Published 4 Nov 2013

Most of us get our online, up-to-date news and general information from many different sources.  World news may come from one place and sport will come from another - especially if you follow a sport like basketball. If you are into technical news you are definitely going to search somewhere up that serves those needs. iknow.io is a data and knowledge gathering application with a difference. While you can easily catch up with current events, iknow is a new app that delivers interesting insights into the news and get the fascination information that lies behind the main story. It’s a place where you can get all the news that you are interested in, in one easy-to-view scrollable place.
While there is a veritable mountains of raw data out there in the world wide web, its really only scientists and programmers that can really make any use of it. iknow.io calls itself a data-driven knowledge sharing community for curious people and their mission is to make the word's data accessible and useful to everyone that cares. They process massive amounts of raw data from all over the web and analyze and extract useful information from it.  This makes it possible for everyone to create, discover and share fascinating insights about everything from movies and sports to politics and economics and all things inbetween. Insights are a set of results and visualizations that are created by using revolutionary data analysis tools. They could include anything from a...