Developer description

iKrut is a free Applicant Tracking System. It enables companies to recruit new employees quickly and efficiently and it costs nothing. You can use it anywhere you want to at anytime you like. It’s primarily designed for small and medium sized employers typically hiring 20 – 200 people a year but can also be used by staffing agencies. Organizations wanting to use recruitment software would typically pay $500 - $5,000 a year for a system with this level of functionality but we’re giving iKrut away free of charge:

no catches
no contacts
no gimmicks

Just free. There are no restrictions so you can add on as many jobs as you like, handle as many applications as you like and add on any number of colleagues……………and it’s all free.
iKrut is a web based application. It requires no hardware, no software and absolutely no training. It’s beautifully designed, and any company or organization can sign up, add a job and post that job to 20 free job boards within 45 seconds.
Companies want to use iKrut as it helps them find candidates through the job distribution tool (to 20+ free job boards), collates all the applications logged against each job and can then automate the hiring process right through to references being collected. Typically users experience a massive reduction in cost per hire, time to hire and the amount of work they have to do.
It’s hiring made easy.

Last updated 7 Sep 2012

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