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You’re not as happy as you want to be but you don’t know why. Illuum is a new app that lets you ... More

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Published 19 Oct 2011

Not feeling quite yourself today but you don't know why? It's not like it's your birthday and everyone forgot about you or anything. Some days are better than others. So how can you work out just what is causing that dark cloud over your head? Illuum is an inner health tool that can help you figure out what the ups and downs of your happiness and contentment really mean.
You’re not as happy as you want to be but you don’t know why. Illuum is a new app that lets you stop wondering. It’ll help you figure out the whens and whys of your happiness. Analyze your moods, do fun stuff and watch your life improve. Like a good friend, the first thing Illuum asks is how your day went. You give each day a rating and then Illuum gets to work. It will analyze your ratings and tell you if you actually do have a reason to not like Mondays or is it just the cold weather that's getting to you. Maybe you are trying to lose weight? Track it in Illuum. Not sure if you should break up with your boyfriend or marry him? Track your feelings about that too. Potential moves, new jobs, whatever. If it’s weighing on your mind, get it out of there and into Illuum. So you can focus on the fun things in life. To back everything up you'll get statistics and graphs of your own feelings. Illuum analyses everything you put into it. And it'll show you if you really don't like  Mondays. or the cold weather. It’ll give you an understanding of yourself you've never had before. And what's really amazing is that once you understand them bad days will never be quite as bad again.

Illuum really is a good fun health tool that might just have a secondary function - it will make you smile. But it truly does have a genuine purpose to it too. By identifying you good days and your bad days it might make it easier for you to recognize just what makes you happy and what makes you sad. Then maybe you might want to change your life a little so all your days improve. Illuum is a simple to use and easy to navigate app that might force you to look at yourself a little bit deeper.

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