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Collecting the world! The world's largest general knowledge collecting competition.

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ilustrum is a really cool trivia game! You get free coins daily that you can then use to buy ... More

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Published 1 Oct 2011

ilustrum is an online competitive and fun knowledge game that awards you free daily 'coins' which you can useto 'buy' trivia questions. When you answer a question correctly you can win up to three of the coveted ilustrums  (or photos) depending on how quick on the draw you were when you answered the question. The point of the game is to collect all of the ilustrums into an album.
ilustrum is a really cool and very competitive trivia game for you and your friends. Every day you connect you will get paid some sestertius (ilustrum currency). The higher your status is, the more you will earn. You can use the sestertius to buy trivia questions. By answering them correctly you will win packets of ilustrums. The faster you answer a trivia question the more ilustrums you will win. The point of the game is to acquire all the ilustrums in a collection and stick them in your album until you complete it. Every ilustrum contains some information that will increase your knowledge of the collection topic and will help you to get new ilustrums and you can choose from lots of collections, covering all kind of topics.You can also trade your spare ilustrums to other player to get ones you are missing. If you login through Facebook, all your friends who also play will automatically be added as favorite players. When you complete the album and finish the collection check out the Podium to see how you...