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We have an excellent app for you, no matter your age or type of series like you more, but if you're interested the genre of anime this app that we bring fun you big. ZDZ in their pursuit of innovation and quality of apps developed for its users, brings you a very interesting family of games Image Think Fast version, here is the new ITF! Anime. The interface is friendly, clear and attractive to enabling users of any level feel safe when choose your game mode, and if they want to return to the main menu you can do so quickly and easily by the speed of the application. It is a very versatile application that has great features such as its game modes.Choose the individual mode and tries to bring down your own records and acquired all the trophies before anyone else. Featuring our famous multiplayer mode (no internet connection required), and you can use it for two or up to four players on a mobile or a Tablet. The versatility of the application allows you to give this remarkable feature, which works in the following way: when you start heading will be shown a color screen, fragmented into several small pictures and four possible answer choices, pictures in which the image is fragmented begin to rotate to form a picture of the scene you are going to guess, less time evenings in guess the image of the anime, more points you get. Download it for free to your favorite device and enjoy all the images of ITF! Anime.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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