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Developer description

Welcome to a new world of challenges and excitement with the new app that ZDZ has for you. From our family of MTF games! (Music Think fast! ), we introduce you a new version that you will love; where your visual memory will be the main character and your key to play and win.
We present you Image Think fast! (ITF! ): this time you'll have to guess movie names after a scene shown in a fragmented picture. This version is entirely built in HTML 5 to ensure an excellent performance: a color screen fragmented into several parts and four possible answers will appear when you start a new game, and the frames in which the image is fragmented will start spinning to form a scene from the movie; the less time you take in guessing the movie image, the more points you earn.
The game features the single mode and our famous multiplayer mode. In multiplayer mode you’ll have to be the first one to touch the screen and answer, in case you know the answer; otherwise the other player or players will have the chance to get it right. If you are a cinema and exciting visual trivia fan, this is the app that’ll let you will enjoy great moments of fun, recalling your favorite films and their best scenes.
This newfangled game type will catch you and entertain you for hours; so don't waste any time and download it for free for Android and iOS platforms, and be captivated by the new Image think Fast ITF!.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015