Developer description

"I created Imagemess because I needed a way to send thoughts to my friends as I have them in my mind, alive, fun and charged with emotions. So I built the app that transforms the plain text message into a series of meaningful iconic images, an image message.
For example, if you type laugh in your message, Laurel and Hardy will portray the laughter."- Andrei Birlan

• Imagemess magically transforms your words into images while you type.
• An image message is a series of images portraying your thoughts.
• Send an amazing image message in seconds. It's that easy.
• The app uses a carefully build search engine for maximum accuracy for your words.
• Make it as personal as you want, by choosing other images that go with your mood, or add your own images.
• Even the simplest image message catches your eye, surely your friend will enjoy and remember it! • Image messages are easy to share with your friends, by name, email address, SMS, or post them on social networks.
 Send your thoughts ! LINKS: Website: Promo video: Download: App Icon: Screenshots: Device Requirements: * Imagemess is available for iPhone and iPod touch devices running iOS 6 or 7. Pricing and Availability: Imagemess 1.0.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store.

Last updated 5 Oct 2014

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