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Published 20 Jun 2012

[cont'd] hotspot for your pictures or articles that unleashes a torrent of related multi-media information or connects you directly to your Facebook or Twitter account. Sure you could manually copy the URL of an image and post it on FaceBook  but what if you could simply share the photo by clicking a simple share icon overlayed on the photo? Or what if the individual elements of a photo could be pushed to Twitter or other social networks? With ImageSpike your photos become social with your friends being able to cross post your images on their own blog or website. When users repost your photos not only can you see where they were shared, but the interactive and customizable tags also go with the photo! This means you can track user interactions across multiple websites.
It's reckoned that images that are marked up with interactive hotspots receive greater user engagement than traditional images - especially at the moment with viewers almost vulture-like in their search for new technology. Simply by moving your mouse or device over the generator provides a multi-media experience that unlocks the stories contained within your images. ImageSpike is a neat little gadget that will be standard issue in interactive entertainment , as well as business world, over the coming years. I can see it getting very big.