Developer description

Immuno is a color matching, puzzle, arcade, bubble shooter game from Wulfpup Studios. We’ve taken the classic color matching concept and squashed it together with a skill shooting mechanic much like space invaders to make this nail-biting, virus filled, mutant baby we call IMMUNO. Its like popping bubble wrap but the bubbles bite back!


Whimsical cartoon graphics:
Immuno is jam packed with mischievous characters, animations, and colorful worlds for you to explore!

Procedurally generated game-play:
Immuno possesses a meticulously crafted game-play experience that will feel fresh and different every time you play.

Immuno is a survival game that offers 6 unique bonuses to help you stay in the fight longer.

Elites and Bosses:
The 9 elite viruses constantly change up the game-play with custom powers and abilities. You will have to put on your thinking cap to defeat our 6 unique bosses.

Attain a plethora of specific game play milestones, with rewards ranging from in-game currency to XP.

Endless Mode:
Fight to survive against an infinite horde of viruses and bosses for high score, XP, and bragging rights. How many waves can you survive!?!

Download Immuno now to control the outbreak!

Aim high in this unique new game! Perfect your aim using one tap controls to shoot down wacky viruses in dynamic levels & an endless mode. Eliminate the bug in each section of the body in this unique, retro style virus game.

Last updated 4 Jan 2022

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