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No ‘hard and fast’ rule exists according to which it can be decided or proved that one email client is better than the other. Similarly no demarcation line can be drawn between Outlook for Mac and Mac Mail as to which is a better mail client for Apple’s Macintosh operating system. However discussions and debates go on online regularly. But despite several deliberations results have not been drawn.
But it has been found by many users be it individuals, enterprises or businesses that Outlook for Mac desktop mail client file by Microsoft is prone to corruption. This in turn gives rise to error messages restricting proper functioning of many tasks. Though the errors get fixed by utilization of some procedures, it gets terrible to work with it as it poses numerous hindrances. So some experts do advice to adopt some other mail programs for Mac machines such as Mac Mail.
But problem arise when the older data are still needed on the new email client. Such situations give rise in need to import Outlook OLM to Mac Mail client. What OLM is and Why to Convert It Many would be unaware of OLM and the need to import it in Mac Mail. OLM is Outlook for Mac data file or it can be also called Outlook 2011 data file. The items such as emails, contacts, calendars, etc. is stored and saved in .olm format. The OLM file is not supported in Mac Mail.
Thus, to access the OLM data items in Mac Mail it gets necessary to transfer OLM file in a file supported by Mac Mail. How to Transport Outlook Mac Data in Mac Mail There is no built-in method such as import or export wizard in either of the two mail programs that confers conversion. Therefore, an external utility is proposed for the conversion of file formats via this anyone is competent to open their Mac Outlook 2011 files into Apple Mail on the same OS.
Moreover, attention should also be paid on the selection of tool. An application that converts the OLM file in a format supported by Mac Mail should only be considered. Top Key Tool for Easy and Successful Conversion A third party software application recognized as Outlook Mac Exporter can undoubtedly be brought in use to import Outlook OLM to Mac Mail.
The reason behind the choice of the utility is that the converted file can be saved in three popular file formats that are PST, EML and MSG. Out of the three EML files can be imported in Mac Mail to access the data within it as it is supported. However, the constraint is that the exporter is Windows based. Hence, for exportation a Windows OS is necessary. So the OLM file should first be transferred to PC by loading the file in USB. Then, after the conversion EML files can be loaded back in flash drive and moved to Mac system and imported in Mac Mail.

Last updated 5 Sep 2014

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