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Developer description

Instant Messaging allows people to exchange text as well as voice messages in real-time; by default, it leverages presence significantly. From the use of phone to the innovation of e-mail, IM poises to be the next-generation primary channel of communication.
MUnitive firmly believes that here will be a paradigm shift away from phone and email in the way people interacts, and that shift is to be securely connected anytime, anywhere and in whatever mean as they wish. Leveraged by its presence feature, IM will be the primary communication channel of our daily lives.
By understanding the needs of unanimous presence, interoperability, mobility, and security for IM users, IMUnitive provides a solution with new features that allow users to generate a link that acts as an anchor station for communication. The link can be a hyperlink or a web address printed in your paper correspondence, anyone from anywhere wish to contact you, for text or voice communication, can following the link and chat with you toll free, anytime and anywhere you are. When inserted into your web pages, it also shows your present status to anyone who browses through your web pages.
Our web base service is accessible through any Internet connection; it enable our subscribers continue using their existing familiar IM clients to access our services without the need of switching to another platform. Our service also let subscribers to invite and chat with guests that use IM clients from different vendors; all participant within the same session can communicated with each other independent of their IM vendors. The pure web base delivery using hypertext mode is well recognized as the most secured in preventing virus, spy ware and malicious content.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015