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Have you ever posted a review on Yelp, Metacritic, or Rotten Tomatoes? I know I haven't, nor any ... More

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Published 22 Sep 2015

When you ask a friend what they thought of a movie, a book or a restaurant they've visited, the chances are the first thing will say will be short and sweet. Their first response will often come down to something simple like "it's great" or "it's rubbish" before going on to describe it in more detailed terms. While its hardly a detailed response, once they've delivered those fateful initial couple of words, your mind will be made up pretty quickly as to it's worthiness. As the Impressions once sang..."First impressions are lasting impressions..."

In A Word Reviews is an entertaining and informative short sharp review app for movies, tv shows, restaurants, games or anything else that you can think of where you can post your first response opinions. But, rather than waxing lyrical, all it takes is a simple one word appraisal. It doesn't have to be just a single word but the idea is to keep it simple. In A Word Reviews encourages people to say what they really think without having to work too hard on the appropriate response.

When you open up the app you will see a number of symbols representing movies, restaurants and games etc. Just click on one and you can either search for a specific film or restaurant or you can scroll down to see what's already been reviewed. There are a number of stock responses like 'remarkable' 'bland' 'confusing' or 'creative' or you can...