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Incentive is a social business software for enterprises. It gives you and your co-workers ... More

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Published 11 Mar 2013

When we think about a team of co-workers collaborating on a project we tend to imagine a bunch of people living, working and breathing the same air - locked in a building somewhere coming up with brilliant ideas. But things are not like that anymore. Your team members in the Internet-friendly 21st Century could well be spread between the group at the office, the ones working from home and the ones that are situated all over the world. Incentive is a social network for groups of people who might or might not work in the same building. It makes for an easier way of collaboration and communication than the present email system and allows instant contact within teams, projects and departments in the same way that your social network does.
Every day you handle information that is particularly relevant to you and the organization you’re working within. Every day you find stuff in your social networks - you like stuff and you share stuff with social friends. So why not transfer that into your working arrangements? Incentive lets you work just as you would  when you’re at home and spending time on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus. But the difference here is that its all work-related. Incentive is a social business software for enterprises of all sizes that gives you and your co-workers instant internal communication within the various teams and departments who are working on a project. And it works just how your social networks work. Most organizations suffer from...