Developer description

Inclr: Mindmap Notes & Ideas is a powerful and versatile organizer for your iPhone, iPad. Inclr will help you become more productive, saving you time and effort, and eliminating app switching.

Inclr's patented mindmapping app helps you organize your tasks, apps, and life into information clusters, the same way your mind works. Save whatever you want, the way you want it. Create your own beautiful second brain. We've created an intuitive tool that does the work of 10+ apps.

To recall anything from memory, our brain works better with visual information rather than text. Using Inclr, your brain will be trained to recall data better using our patented visual structure. You will be able to access the information you need more easily and naturally whilst improving data cognition and retention.
* Better organize your tasks, files, apps, notes, projects with one app.
* Use the power of visualization to better manage and express your ideas.
* Works as a file manager, information cluster.
* Very useful for visual planning
* Quickly recall anything, thanks to the power of visualization
* Keep similar kinds of information in one place for easy access. For example: keep all social media links in one inclr using different nodes.
* Build a memory mansion or a second brain - each inclr is a part of your life visualized spatially and graphically to create an emotional imprint. It’s like recreating your memories on paper
* Organize anything from work projects, writing ideas to grocery lists and budgeting.
* Be more productive in every aspect of life through easy and effective organizing.
Inclrs are graphical information clusters for visually storing data. Inclrs are themed and customised to create emotional impressions for effective memory retrieval. Rotating nodes are like sub-folders which contain content. By using touch to spin the nodes, you also train your muscle memory to increase data retention and improves focus.

Last updated 4 Nov 2021

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