Developer description

Indicative is the easiest and most intuitive platform to help companies understand and visualize their data.
Indicative is a cloud based, self-service analytics platform with simple yet powerful tools. The suite of tools is priced to be accessible and affordable to all performance based businesses.
With a focus on marketers and product managers, Indicative allows customers to easily:
- Perform real-time ad-hoc data exploration to identify what drives key metrics
- Track user behavior to improve conversion rates throughout any product or service
- Compare customer behavior over time to uncover drivers of engagement and retention
- Customize and examine all key performance indicators at a glance Early beta customers are using data to inform decisions that:
- Extend customer lifetime value
- Improve customer engagement and retention
- Identify high-value user segments
- Monitor key performance indicators
- Measure and track return on investments and more
Andrew Weinreich and Jeremy Levy founded Indicative, and have successfully been building companies together since 2006. They most recently sold Xtify, the first-in-market mobile CRM company, to IBM in October 2013, followed by location-based mobile dating application MeetMoi to in January 2014.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015