Developer description

The idea of it is about matching you with people with identical aspirations, dreams or goals that have never done them before to work on them together. The experience, passion, work and lust for achieving your personal dream creates and strengthens the friendship through the experience of completing the goal together. Giving you your victory.

Example: Whether it be playing basketball and getting really good at it or Talking in front of an audience or whatever. The site connects you with a teammate/partner with the same goals so you two can, together, work on the same goals together. The twist is neither of you have done the goal before, whether that have been out of fear, doubt, worry ect. Both of you two working on and completing the goal together creates not only a friendship from the experience of working on the goal together but also giving you your personal victory. Whatever that victory is and what it means to you.

I am looking for early adopters. I know site isn't perfect as I am focused on the search which is in the core stage(Like really early beta) right now and will be fleshed directly from user-feedback. As it is in beta it is not properly optimized for mobile yet. Please visit on or your laptop/computer for a better viewing pleasure.

Last updated 24 Sep 2017