Developer description

Infinite Run is a free 2D game that is created by creative minds. The game amuse yourself in a traditional endless runner and it’s a very easy - just jump and run and try to avoid collision with obstacles and create high score as you can. The easy information button will assist you to get used with the game functionality. The Power Up help character to speed up that makes the game increasingly tough. Infinite Run have multiple characters and all has a powerful ability, which allows him to jump. You can use it to collide with the inward deadly hurdles. Once, your game over there is a chance to get extra life by watch an advertisement (if available). There is also Power Ups that gets character speed Fast, Slow. Also, Power Up have ability for High Jump and special ability like Feel Free in a game and during that time he’s completely invulnerable and flies very freely.

Last updated 22 Feb 2018

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