Developer description

InfluencerFam is a transparent marketplace for Influencers of all platforms to list their marketing prices and allow Social Media Managers to book them right through the platform.

We are passionate about helping Influencers monetize their accounts and give them an easy platform for more exposure across all their different account types. From guest blog posts to Instagram posts our platform is flexible enough to get exposure for all their avenues.

Social Media Managers can now easily sort and book verified Influencers who actually create their own accounts. Easily find the right Influencer for your marketing campaign. Don't want to reach out individually? We allow you to mass submit a campaign to all our influencers and let them come back to you with proposals.

If you have a budding influencer account or are looking to get some visibility through influencer marketing then come stop by and see for yourself all the different people you can work with!

Last updated 7 Jan 2022

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