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Developer description

InfoRun is an essential tool for runners. It finds the distance, time, or pace of your run, depending on which two values you give it. InfoRun also generates a complete splits table of your run.
Additional features include:
- Material Design UI
- Simple time and pace input in hh:mm:ss format
- Supports seconds input over 59 (e.g. 64 instead of 1:04)
- Supports decimals for all inputs
- Choose from 3 distance units and 8 pace lengths
Common scenarios where InfoRun is beneficial:
1. A high school track athlete has a goal time of 4:25 in the mile, but he doesn't know what pace to run for each lap (400m). Using InfoRun, he can enter his race distance (1 mile), goal time (4:25), select "pace per 400m," and tap "calculate" - the appropriate pace is displayed in the pace text box - 1:05.9 per 400m. After finding his average pace per lap, he wants to see his splits - his total time after each lap - so that when he is racing, he will know whether he is on his target pace or not, and by how much. By tapping "calculate splits," a splits table is generated. For each row, it displays the lap number and corresponding distance and time. This high schooler is now prepared to run a properly paced race and meet his goal time.
2. A runner has just finished a 1 hour and 15 minute long run at the trail. He has a stopwatch that he used to time his run, but he doesn't know how far he ran. Being a seasoned runner, he has a good sense of pace, and approximates his average pace for the run to be 7:20 per mile. Using InfoRun, he can enter his total run time (1:15:00) and his average pace (7:20 per mile) and tap "calculate." InfoRun displays his distance in the distance text box - 10.23 mi. The runner now knows how far he ran and can enter his run into his running log.

Last updated 7 Feb 2015