Developer description

Imagine a social media website that allowed you to search through artwork from all around the world and listen to music by artists in the community at the same time. Or even shop for paintings, music and fashion all at once, in one convenient place. There's a site where you can do all that, its called

Inkster is a free social media site that has all the necessary features to manage a successful independent artist career in today's world. Inkster isn't only for artists though, it's also for art lovers everywhere. Artists from all walks of life can create a beautiful online profile, gallery and portfolio all in one, which they can directly sell from. A 10% fee for the facilitation of each transaction and that's it!

On inkster you can sell music, paintings, digital prints and anything else that is art. You don't have to sell your artwork either, if you just want to host it and engage in the community that's OK too! We believe that if we create an elegantly designed and accessible platform for all artists the results will be astronomical. The inkster movement is about lifestyle and bridging the gap for independent artists everywhere.

Our philosophy is to create accessibility for all artists in the world and create a place where people can engage in conversation, learn about their favorite artists and buy it all in one place. Inkster is about lifestyle and making it easier to be an artist in today's ever changing world.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015