Developer description

Innogenious is a private social platform that facilitates collaboration between businesses, the academic community, and other creative minds.
Using the Innogenious platform, all parties will be able to work together more efficiently than they do currently. Companies and corporations will be able to collaborate and innovate using external sources (like connecting with professors, students, or smaller businesses), or internally (company-wide notices, messages, and chat features).
They will be able to chat, video chat, share files, and use other forms of collaboration to create the ultimate solution for existing problems. Each user is able to list key skills that they possess, which enables them to match appropriate users with challenges that call for their skills. Innogenious helps businesses find the solutions they need, and helps creative thinkers find funding opportunities for their great ideas.
All of this equates to the bridging of a major gap in the way we as a society innovate and collaborate to solve problems. Innogenious has recently launched their website which allows potential users to learn more about the company, visit their Kickstarter campaign, contact them with any questions, and most importantly pre-register to become users before the social platform launches on August 27th!
The pre-registration to become a user has been extremely promising as thousands of people seem to be interested in the platform and it hasn't even launched yet. They recently launched their Kickstarter campaign which can be found at
Within the next week and a half they will be launching their promo video which will show exactly what they do in greater detail. In the upcoming year the Innogenious team will be attending events to showcase the Innogenious platform, starting with an innovation expo at McGill University, as well as other events in San Francisco and New York.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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