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The internet is most advanced way to find answers. But you still cannot figure out what the ... More

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Published 22 Jun 2013

The developers of Inqu hope that, within a couple of years, it will be looked at in the same way that we use sites like Google and Wikipedia. It will be an information place. Inqu will provide this information by finding out exactly what people think of a subject by using a simple crowd sourcing and polling service. This analytical and knowledge gathering application allows you to find out in just a few seconds just what the majority of people want or think about a question that is asked.
Its pretty obvious that the internet is the most advanced way to find the answers that you are looking for. However, it's not quite so easy to figure out how people think about things and how the majority of people react to a problem or a question asked. Inqu is a free polling app that allows you to find out what the majority think in just a few seconds! It's an app where you can vote on everything you are interested in whether it be relationships, sports, lifestyle or politics. In fact, you can vote on jut about anything you like. It could be a general debate, a political opinion or just a bit of fun.  Inqu connects thousands and shows what the world really thinks. You can influence decision-makers with your personal views by voting on polls, connect with a global audience by engaging in discussions on almost anything and explore what people around the world...