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Published 22 Jun 2013

[cont'd] think and do by asking questions.  Inqu allows you to find out what the majority thinks and does in a fun and easy way. Inqu found a way to give you answers that you cannot find anywhere else. And it offers you free detailed reports on what the majority of people thinks and does. Polling apps usually charge you for detailed reports but this app offers all demographic reports for free. Inqu , bu the way, is short for Inqu..iry or Inqu..ire which means “to seek information by questioning”. An Inqu..iry is different than a question because to Inqu..ire implies a thirst for knowledge whereas a question is more of a generic quantity.
Some businesses pay thousands of dollars every year for the same information that Inqu delivers. The app is simple to use and works on a simple yes / no process. After answering this question, you can check how the majority of people voted and then decide if you want to see the results in more details. You can filter by age, gender and country and you get the option to comment on the questions,  share them via your favorite social media sites or just go on to vote on the next question. You can vote on the most popular questions or on the categories that you have selected. Questions range from thought provoking, intriguing and controversial topics like the gay marriage debate or the most flippant ones. You can search...