Developer description

Insight Stash offers Fast, Simple customizable visitor feedback, and surveys for the site. Design survey, gather insights, improve the experience on your site or platform - repeat.

Insight Stash can be used to:

* Improve Experience
* Get Better Ideas for the product
* Gather testimonials
* Crowdsource opinions
* Listen to customer feedback.

You can launch your first survey in under a minute, and run as many as you need on your site. You are in full control of how survey looks, behaves and triggers.

We offer abundance of features including:
* Collaborators
* Custom Firing Rules
* Custom CSS per survey (built by you)
* Serving of survey assets through CDN
* Addons
* Rest API
* and much more.

Register for 30-day free trial, no credit card required, and begin to understand your visitors better today.

Last updated 21 Nov 2016