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The app for photo frames, collage & photo editing for Instagram™ photos! InstaGenius provides ... More

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Published 23 Aug 2012

It's quite amazing just how many photo edit applications that there are available for mobile phones and tablets these days. I must have 5 or 6 on my iPad and, you know what? They all offer different and quite wonderful variations on the theme and I get quite excited when a new one comes along so I can see what it is going to do for me. There are one or two that have really taken off big time, of course, and none are bigger than the Instagram phenomenon. InstaGenius is a new photoshop editing application that contains multiple photo filtering techniques, great borders and frames as well as a set of very cool collage tools to make your photos even more special.
InstaGenius is a great new app that delivers photo frames as well as collage and photo editing for your Instagram™ photos and does this by providing lots of ways to edit your photos.  The multi-photo collage tool lets you put anywhere between one and six photos together into one single shot with full control over your layout. You can decide whether you want rounded or square corners as well as being able to determine color and spacing. Then there are the frames where you can choose from lots of photo-realistic frames which I have to admit that I haven't spotted anywhere else. InstaGenius has over twenty one-step effects to turn regular photos into great photos. Lots of unusual filters with names like Grunge, 70's style, Lomo, Cross Processing, Flash, Cinema, and Pseudo HDR. Plus, If that's not enough, there are another twenty Adjustment Filters to give you fine control over hue, contrast and brightness etc. It's simple to crop your photo and  improve its composition and turn and rotate any photo into a square format Instagram™ style photo. InstaGenius have over thirty frames and borders to really make your photos pop. The attractive interface makes reviewing your photos a breeze with adjustable sized thumbnails! Then use the slider to decide how many photos you want to see at once or use the full-screen slide show that gives you the ability to pan and zoom around your photos. All photos are saved to the camera roll for quick syncing with your computer and you can share your photos directly with the  Instagram™ community. All edited photos are also automatically saved to the camera roll and can optionally be added to Instagram™.
Did I say that I love photo edit applications. It's kind of ironic that we sca old photos to make them look new yet Facebook recently paid 100 million for Instagram - a photo process that kinda excels in making new photos look...old. It's a funny old world, isn't it? The beauty of InstaGenius is in the unusual and spellbinding array of filters, borders and frames on offer - very few of which I have seen quite the same in other apps. InstaGenius is easy and heaps of fun to play around with. The other thing it does is create great looking multiphotos collages that would look great on your Facebook page or shared through Instagram. I created a few for people recently and they LOVED them. InstaGenius will happily sit alongside Photo Toaster, Power Sketch, Color Sketch and Instagram itself as the ones I will use the most.

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