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Published 3 Sep 2013

If you are a big Instagram fan, and there are a hell of a lot of us out there, you might find this new companion application for iOS rather useful. One of the bugbears with Instagram though is that it's a bit of a pain if you are trying to gather your favorite photos together apart from simply liking them. The interestingly named Instagrab works in conjunction with it's more well known photo social network big brother by allowing you to do all the things that it can do but also letting you download and sharing your favorites on your other social networks.
Of all the companion apps available for Instagram, here is one that offers you a great way to work with your favorite photo sharing app.  InstaGrab provides a new way to browse Instagram photos and follow users and gives you most of the features that you are used to on Instagram. But it also means the viewing and downloading of multiple photos and videos onto your iPhone or iPad, being able to access the most popular photos on Instagram and share your photos to Facebook and Twitter accounts. Instagrab essentially allows you to view your feed and like, comment, bookmark and download all of your favorite images. You can view your photos in full-screen mode and take advantage of every inch of your photos. Bookmark your favorite photos for your collections without having to follow users and show photos posted near your location with  real-time location tools. And, with the Passcode Lock feature, it gives you extra security to keep safe your Instagrab photos for your iPhone and iPad. Instagrab supports multiple Instagram accounts log in to view and download all your favorite  photos and videos.
Basically, this is a brilliant little companion application for Instagram that makes it much easier to download and share your favorite photos whether singly or in bulk. While it doesn't take the place of Instagram  it does the bulk of everything that its big brother does as well as a few more things too. Instagrab is easy to use and features a good, clean interface and is easy to navigate. While there are certainly other ways to capture Instagram images, this one succeeds because it's just so simple. There are a lot of Instagram users out there who all have to deal with this problem so I'm retry certain this one will be a winner.

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