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Published 31 Dec 2012

I'm sure everyone who reads FeedMyApp's reviews will be fully aware of this photo application. Not least for its recent purchase by a certain Mr Zuckerberg's Facebook team for the miserly sum of around US$715 million. It's not really surprising that they bought it given the problems that often occur with Facebook's own photo and video uploading service. Suffice to say, Instagram is a photoshare and edit app that has turned into a legend in its own lifetime. This new version, ready to download now, addresses some of the issues of previous versions as well as adding a slew of extra and improved features. Oh, and it's still completely free.
It's been reported that Instagram's recent press release stating that it would soon own the rights to, and consider selling, the biggest online stock of photographs on the planet cost it a quarter of its daily users according to the online tracker AppData. This has since been denied by the company but there is no doubt that their rather ill-timed 'thinking-out-loud' moment drew a vicious response from its users. Plenty of my friends certainly took umbridge to the possibility of their precious photos being used in the next Coke commercial. Instagram have since backtracked on that idea and claimed that they were just testing the waters but certainly not everyone has got the message yet and they do still have a bit of work to do on that. This new...