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Published 26 Jun 2013

Our love for photo editing apps in the FeedMyApp offices has started to take on legendary status. Personally i have more photo apps on my iDevice than any other genre but I still hang out for that app that I know is just around the corner that gives us something new. These days I tend to warp and edit my photos using several different apps because they all do different cool things. But InstaInspire has come along and thrown a spanner in the works by offering an iOS photo editing app that does way more most similar apps. In fact, it's almost a five in one photo creation tool. The cherry on the cake, however, is with the app's in-built recorder with allows you to personalize your photos with sound messages as well as multiple photo effects.
Have you ever wanted to illustrate your pictures with words or take photos and give them a truly personalized message? InstaInspire is the first idea sketching photo app that has a built-in digital recorder! InstaInspire is a photo editing app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that lets you create the perfect photo moment by adding a personal message to your photo creations. This excellent and good looking app lets you edit your photo in every way. You can simply cut-in to a different background image and add your photos to either single or multiple frames. If effects are what you are after, InstaInspire has heaps of amazing filters, multiple colorizing and great image effects. Create your own captions, use captions from the  library or use the unique doodle tool to sketch, write or have some fun with the tool. But what makes InstaInspire so unique is really it's built-in recorder to record your personal message.
InstaInspire has the potential to replace quite a few of our treasured photo editing apps by the pure fact that it has so many different types of feature. It imitates many of the cooler features of photo filtering, cutting and framing but then adds a unique feature with a built-in digital message recorder. So now you can record your wishes or type them in - a feature unseen in any of the similar apps - and share on your favorite social network. InstaInspire includes way more features than most of its competitors and will have a favored place on my iDevice.

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