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Published 13 Dec 2012

There are so many applications for business these days that you can virtually run the place on apps. There is everything from apps to design your website, apps for creating an ecommerce site and apps for analyzing how well you are doing. But the one thing that developers often forget about, and it's an important one if you want your customers to remember you, is to create a recognizable logo to go with your name. InstaLogo Logo Creator is an excellent and very user-friendly design app for iOS that makes it simple to create your own personal logo in minutes.
Instalogo is a creative application for designing high quality logos. Wiith this app, users can easily create some very classy logos that are well suited for marketing, promotion and other related activities. What make this app great are the numerous features that have been provided so that users can make those subtle variations in the logos for getting the desired effects. All in all you can get a whopping 5000 different combinations by using all the features. Changing outlines, colors, fonts, effects, gradients and other characteristic features adds that unique creative touch to every logo and makes it easy to create logos, especially when time is in short supply. There are innumerable stock logos to choose from and every option comes from an expert professional graphic designers. You won’t find the usual generic logos that are common in similar apps and this is where InstaLogo creates that special niche. Just choose the necessary logo to start off the task and use all the creative features for creating a customized version for your own project. Whether you are looking to create that unique logo for a promotional T-shirt or a creative business card, InstaLogo Logo Creator will create it in minutes. InstaLogo has created a place in the top 100 business apps in almost 20 countries.
There are a number of design tools that I use on a really regular basis and Instalogo will undoubtedly join those ranks. There are a number of logo creation apps around but I'm scratching my head to find one that's up with this one. Many people will fastidiously design their own logo in Word and slave over design and colors for hours and days but it's all made so simple with this app. There really isn't a lot of point in doing it yourself when there is something as convenient and usable as Instalogo. Whats more, you can do it all on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Quite simply - it's a gem.

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