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Published 13 Dec 2012

[cont'd] niche. Just choose the necessary logo to start off the task and use all the creative features for creating a customized version for your own project. Whether you are looking to create that unique logo for a promotional T-shirt or a creative business card, InstaLogo Logo Creator will create it in minutes. InstaLogo has created a place in the top 100 business apps in almost 20 countries.
There are a number of design tools that I use on a really regular basis and Instalogo will undoubtedly join those ranks. There are a number of logo creation apps around but I'm scratching my head to find one that's up with this one. Many people will fastidiously design their own logo in Word and slave over design and colors for hours and days but it's all made so simple with this app. There really isn't a lot of point in doing it yourself when there is something as convenient and usable as Instalogo. Whats more, you can do it all on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Quite simply - it's a gem.