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Published 18 Mar 2012

If you look for the word Instamazing in the Urban Dictionary it will be described as an amalgamation between the words 'Instantly' and 'Amazing' which seems to be a rather apt description of this well timed free image and photo share application. It's the place to go to see the squillions of wonderfully warped photos submitted by Instagram members. You can view the artistic photographic skills in real time and coming at you from all parts of the world.
So, there may be some people out there who aren't sure what Instagram actually is. I know it's hard to believe but I saw an interview with an Amish guy the other night and he had no idea who James Bond Not that I'm expecting there to be a huge market for apps in the Amish community but you never know. Anyway, Instagram is a wickedly cool photo application where you can age, recolor, warp and generally artify your photographs to make them even more spectacular. It's kinda similar to Hipstamatic and Photo Toaster. So now we get to Instamazing. It's a photo share tool where you can view the plethora of images as they are posted in real time from every part of the world by Instagram members. You can also use it to search for different tags on specific subjects or, if you find a user that inspires you with their artistic postings, you can view all their photos in one stream. To show your support you can 'like' the pictures if you wish.
I must admit that I was getting a little sick of the 'samey' look that every Instagram photo seemed to have for a while but, it seems that people have been branching out of late and there are some really interesting pieces of photo art being presented. So much so that Instagram is beginning to take on a life of it's own and can actually be called an art form in it's own right. There'll be gallery exhibitions soon. What am I saying? There probably already have been. Instamazing is a gallery of free real time images that will keep you amusing and enthralled for hours, days...weeks.

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