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Instant Logo Design is an AI-powered web based application for creating logos in just minutes. It focuses on enabling startups and small businesses to build their own proffesional logos and brand kits that includes business card, social media profiles, posters, presentation slides, letterhead and also the logo in different formats and backdrops.

For just $29, businesses can now enjoy a logo design with the option to customize each according to the brand's preferences. We deliver more than a logo designer would.

- No designing experience required.
- Affordable fees and flexible payment method
- Generate free logo designs
- Customize fonts, layout, colors, and symbols
- Mock-ups of your logo and brand kit for all sorts of marketing
- Social Media Package

Instant Logo Design The Logo Center Dashboard - Featured Image
June 8, 2022
Instant Logo Design: The Logo Center Dashboard
Logo makers are often used by small businesses that are either starting up or don’t have the budget to hire a professional graphic designer.

But what makes Instant Logo Design different? Its logo and brand center feature allows branding consistency across all marketing materials.

What is a logo center? It’s a page where you can check, review, edit, and download your company logo in various file formats, sizes, backgrounds, and more!

So, if you’re ever curious about it and just wanted to dig deeper, then continue reading!

Check out the starting guide in using Instant Logo Design.

Table of Contents
Logo Center of Instant Logo
Logo Download
Designer Fix
Brand VI
Word Template
PPT Template
LOGO Animation
Profile Image
The Brand Center Page
Business Card
What Are Your Thoughts?
Logo Center of Instant Logo
Once you’ve learned how to edit your design through the customization dashboard, you’ll be redirected to the Logo Center, where you can double-check your design and download your logo accordingly.

The logo center is divided into eight sections, which are as follows:

Instant Logo Design the brand center dashboard
Logo Download
From the word itself, this is where you can download your logo in different file formats, including JPG, PNG, PDF, EPS, and SVG. You’ll also have the option to download an inverted color logo that best suits your marketing materials’ background.

Instant Logo already has the opportunity to download the white and black logo as well as the logo symbol separately.

Designer Fix
This section is intended for individuals who requested our in-house designer’s assistance. It’s a reasonable solution for business owners who don’t have a lot of time to create a logo or who don’t have time to look for design ideas.

With a professional cost of $50, the custom logo page assists them in creating a distinct and special logo.

Brand VI
VI stands for Visual Identity, and this section displays all of the essential elements of your logo. This will also serve as a reference point for you and your team to develop a consistent and mutual visual identity across all platforms.

The Brand VI section allows you to examine and freely look at the font, color, logo mockup, background, and the logo icon or the symbol of your brand. This will give more idea on why such an element is included in the final output and why it’s necessary.

Last updated 26 Jul 2022

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