Developer description

Gram Reposter 2.2 - a must have app for any Instagramer to repost or regram Instagram photos and videos! People worldwide are ready joined Gram Reposter the family and use Gram Reposter to repost Instagram photos daily!

Repost photos like a boss
With Gram Reposter you can repost photos so cool you'll never do with any other app. Become a photorepost monster: repost repost repost! Use this photo repost app everyday and repost Instagram pics to your Instagram.

Repost videos
We give you with the latest high-end industry technology to work with videos, so you can repost videos you've found with your followers.

Be safe and secure
We don't store your password or username, neither do we post anything from your name to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks. We use Instagram security protocol to authorize you and grant your data won't be stolen by anyone.

NO watermarks
We dont use awkward dark stripes at the edges of your post like other repost Instagram apps - our watermark is clean and clear, so the picture remains beautiful as it is.

View your feed
No other app will grant you same native Instagram experience, as we do. You can browse your feed just like in Instagram.

View beautiful pictures
Instagram is the place where lots of different personalities share their passion to nature, animals, Technic, news or life. Join the army of people searching for interesting, funny or trending things through Instagram. View beautiful profiles of artists, musicians, brands and many others.

Last updated 15 Aug 2015

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