Developer description

Instica is a Tech Startup Company based out of Atlanta, GA committed to providing research data and analytics on millions of businesses and websites. We provide our clients with valuable information gathered by our data-crawling bots from all over the web.
At Instica, we strive to offer our clients quality services by making sure that we provide them with the best information possible. Our company is committed to working with companies of all sizes to provide them with various services to fit any project. Our appraisals are based on millions of past sales values stored in our databases along with algorithms combined with data from around the web. Our platform uses algorithms similar to those used on Wall Street to produce accurate company and website values. We also strive to provide you with as much information as possible about any company or website in existence.
Our services enable our clients to gain more knowledge about their research properties/clients. In order to improve internal and external systems, Instica consists of small teams working on various projects. Our company employs the latest technologies available to ensure that the tasks are performed with high efficiency.
With a determination to create better technologies to employ across the new web, Instica is committed to exploring and managing computer science and statistical methods. We provide our clients with unique products via our online platform. We also use the executive enterprise services for the same purpose.
With our highly committed teams, we offer advice to major players online in various niches. Coupling this with the latest technologies and advancements in computer science produces an excellent combination capable of offering solutions to any kind of challenges.
Our platform engineers and designers make a formidable combination necessary to ensure that our platforms are powerful, effective, and easy to use. Instica employs the best and most experienced talents to ensure that the quality of the services offered is unparalleled. We are constantly pushing the realm of modern technology to provide our esteemed clients with the best results possible.
Our company focuses on using only the best tools. We achieve this by leveraging open-source technologies and implementing research publication protocols and software schematics.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015