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Published 3 Nov 2014

Control of your business data used to be reasonably easy in the old days of paper. There was probably a rickety old filing cabinet where all your photos and documents were kept and there was probably one person who knew exactly what was going on. But now that everything is digitalized, the management and organization of your important digital assets has got a lot more complicated - not to mention time consuming.  IntelligenceBank Digital Asset Management. is a flexible, fully customizable and easy-to-use Digital Asset Management (DAM) application for business that is packed with great features. This great looking, cloud-based app let's you do everything from uploading bulk digital files of up to 2GB in size, managing your metadata and usage rights, downloading different sized files in multiple formats and viewing usage analytics by user and file. And, with prices starting at under ten bucks a month, it proves to be a cost effective way of having complete control over all of your digital business files.
IntelligenceBank Digital Asset Management. was founded in 2009 with an aim to provide business with a highly customizable, flexible and interoperable platform which could be easily configured into a range of niche business solutions such as digital asset management, board portals, customer insights management, virtual data rooms and sales team enablement. So, what exactly is the definition of a good DAM? Well, the fact is, we spend a significant amount of time and money creating and building up digital assets but they can be as much of a hinderance than a help if files are hard to locate. Apart from anything else, there may be multiple versions of the same file stored in different folders or on different devices within your database and that’s where IntelligenceBank comes into its own. It provides a central place where all your files can be stored and accessed by your team or partners. You can protect and watermark your images, collaborate with co-workers and agency partners and manage different versions of a file so that only the newest version becomes the default. It also enables you to embed your digital assets into third party websites and social media so there is a single, trackable source for each file.
IntelligenceBank Digital Asset Management. is a bit of fresh air for the hard working marketer. It gives them complete control over their digital assets, lets them control who has access to files, limits the chances of making costly mistakes and simplifies the process of tracking how files are being used - or possibly misused. There are plenty of great helpful features that marketers will love but, the two things that I like most about it are its flexibility and its ability to be easily customized to your brand's look and design. This mobile friendly app looks great and uses a clear and easy to navigate interface to help you get around. What's more, you definitely won't need a degree in IT to use it. IntelligenceBank's DAM platforms help you store, manage and collaborate on all your digital files - internally and with external stakeholders - and helps to bring your brand guidelines to life while tracking projects with workflow, calendars and a whole lot more. Forget about Dropbox and Google Drive, IntelligenceBank Digital Asset Management. is truly part of the next generation of data asset management.

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