Developer description

InteMents iPad App is the #1 Extended Twitter Search and Real Time Sentiment Analysis app for trends and keywords around the globe for iPad and the only app with Sentiments Analysis of the Twitter feeds with Map It functionality!

InteMents iPad App highlights:

Twitter Trends features one of the best user interface for any of the twitter apps that is fast and easy to use for anyone.

Twitter Trends has some of the best features, including the Map it functionality which gives you a geographic location of all the twitter feeds being search and analyzed. Map it functionality gives you concise measure and weight of your tweets from around the world displayed in different colors depending upon if the tweet is positive, negative or neutral. For example, with the Superbowl coming up, this tool will be one of the best tools to have watching the crowd tweets reaction from around the globe for specific plays or events.

Twitter Trends has one the best Dashboard for Twitter Search and Trends application in the iPad AppStore, taking advantage of the iPad dimensions and beautiful screen including the retina display on the iPads and the iOS 7 user interface.

InteMents iPad App best features:
- Twitter Maps to show the tweets posted around the world
- Local and Global Trends
- Real time or Historical Search
- Sentiment Analysis (Positive, negative or neutral)
- Social Gaming to keep it Fun for the users
- Facebook Integration for people to post the tweets they like directly on Facebook

More features include some of the simpler functionalities:
* You can ReTweet any of the tweets that you search and analyze from the Twitter Trends
* You can reply to any of the tweets
* You can post any tweet of pictures directly to other social networks like Facebook
* You can give feedback to the InteMents algorithms directly from the tweet screen itself

Use Case examples:
- Sports - Superbowl, NFL, UEFA Champions League, Manning, King James
- Media - You can get live real time updates on the events like Golden globe or stay updated on politics, senate news and India Elections
- Brand Monitoring - Nest was bought by Google, any business small or big can monitor their own product
- Celebrity tracking - Fans can check the latest tweet trends for celebrities like Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus
- Current issues - Clients can monitor Stock Market, Real Estate or know whats going on in Middle East

Coming soon:
iPhone app
Already available on iPad

Last updated 31 Jan 2014