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InteractEasy is an add-on for your website that lets your visitors have a voice interaction with ... More

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Published 13 May 2012

InteractEasy is an application to provide feedback and support from your website via a simple add-on VoIP widget to put you instantly in touch with customers needing help. No need for back and forth emailing or messaging - now its easy to solve problems in real time audio chat using VoIP saving you time and money. InteractEasy is a fast and easy way to solve problems. If you are a small business you might even find that it's completely free, too.
InteractEasy is an add-on for your website similar to the recently reviewed Chatwing that lets your visitors have a voice interaction with you from your website. You can easily share files from the add-on and it's packed with a whole lot of analytics that helps you to analyze your visitors better. Before accepting your visitor's call  it would be useful to get a bit of important information about them and the analytics will supply info on  who has referred them, which page they are currently on and how much time they have spent on the website. You can enable proactive calling which enables the widget to auto open after a time interval set by you but, in case you are not online to attend the call, you can get your messages sent by your visitors via SMS & Email.  Visitors can engage in a voice call right from the widget without losing context with the website and either the visitor or the agent can initiate or end the call.
InteractEasy has helped businesses reduce their conversation time with visitors to about one third of the time usually taken to solve problems. That could be a very large part of your working day saved. There s no doubt that voice is the quickest way to solve your visitor problems. If you are a small company with up to 30 interactions per month all of InteractEasy's features are completely free but at under US$16 per month for unlimited use it is still a cost effective way to solve your customer support problems.

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