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Published 31 Oct 2011

The art of resume writing has vexed people for a long time due to the changing nature of tastes. In today’s fast moving world hirers are more likely to want a snappy one pager than reams of paper resembling a biography.  

Sites like this one can be very useful especially if you’re applying for your first job or perhaps looking to move on after years in the same post. If you fall into the latter category then your old resume will definitely be in need of a facelift.

The site can help in a number of ways, some even without the need to sign up for an account and therefore free. For instance the home page has some useful articles giving tips on resume writing, common interview questions and the all important cover letter. You can also look at a resume template section to give you some pointers on layout if you decide to go it alone.

The main thrust of the site of course is to get you to sign up and use the "Resume Wizard" tool which will produce a professional looking document that can be tailored according to industry. In a step by step process you just answer the questions set out and the system will write your resume for you.

It’s free to sign up and create your resume however you won’t be able to do anything useful with it unless you pay $14.50. The document stays on the site’s servers for seven days until you make up your mind. If you’re happy with it and pay the yearly membership fee you can download it or have it emailed to you in a number of formats including Microsoft Word and PDF.

If you are just setting out on the job hunting road then it’s probably a very fair price to pay for starting out on the right foot.

The site has some very useful free advice for anyone applying for work on top of the resume builder capability. And for anyone not used to summarizing their skills and achievements $14.50 will probably be money well spent.

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