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Want to run a competition or vote on Twitter? Interactwive gets you set up in seconds.
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Published 20 Oct 2011

It's easy enough to set up a competition or a vote on your Twitter account. it's not quite so easy to gather up and analyze your data and return tweets  to judge the results. Interactwive is a contest and game tool for Twitter that gets you creating in seconds and analyzing the results as soon as they start to come in.
If you want to run a competition or a vote on Twitter but Interactwive gets you set up to go in seconds. It’s your contest, and you can set it up how you want. Just input the specifications for your competition - how long you want it to run for, what people should tweet to enter etcetera - and Interactwive will start to collect tweets immediately for you. Twitterers can enter by tweeting @mentions or #hashtags or even just a specific word or phrase. You can see people entering your competition in real-time as it happens and pick out entrants at random if you wish. Without a tool like Interactwive this kind of analysis would take hours of painstaking work not to mention that you'd have to do it yourself. So what is Interactwive going to cost you? Pricing is very simple: US$4.99 per application plus US$0.99 per keyword per day. So a competition with two keywords running for 10 days: US$4.99 +US$19.8 = US$24.79.

At under US$25 for two keywords in a competition running...