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What is the Intuitive Password?
It is your ultimate online solution for passwords management, comes in handy with tiers of security layers, easy usability and a sleek graphical interface to operate. One can easily access the extremely secure and cloud computing enabled Intuitive Password from desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet devices for free of charge. Secure your passwords with Intuitive Password that uses the most trusted and comprehensively tested data centers to ensure your data safety with firewalls and controlled certificate applications.

What are the main features?
- Your data is secure and protected by our robust security framework.
- Cross-platform and browser support (desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones)
- Cloud syncing and support
- Organize your data made easy
- Multi-factor authentication

Your data is secure and protected by our robust security framework
Intuitive Password combats infiltration attempts with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol that means your data transmits easily in a protected environment between your computer, mobile device or tablet and the website. The SSL protection is highly acclaimed across the world for its tireless performance in integrating and providing data security.

The Intuitive Password complies with the payment gateway system’s security requirement meeting the Data Security Standards of the Payment Card Industry. With Intuitive Password:

- You data is automatically backed up daily to support recovery in the event of technical problems;
- Our platform is checked with authentic applications for performance and reliability;
- Complete malware protection that protects from viruses, Trojan horses, rootkits and so on;
- Your sensitive data is encrypted all the time using the U.S. government approved encryption algorithms.

Cross-platform and browser support
Data and information are invaluable only when they are reliable, accurate and you can use them right in the time when you need them most. Intuitive Password is providing you the same support that you are looking for. Designed to meet your demand across all possible barriers and differences, Intuitive Password is delivering you the most from an unrivaled position.

You can operate your Intuitive Password account from different devices including the desktop, laptop, handheld PDAs, mobile phones and tablets. The password management solution is cool. It’s ‘have it on the go’ features offer.

- Operating system compatibility: iOS, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry OS, Windows, Mac etc.
- Devices compatibility: iPhone and its various generations, iPads, Windows Phone, Galaxy Tab etc.
- Browser compatibility: FireFox, Chrome from Google, IE, Safari, Opera etc.

Cloud syncing and support
This is the era of cloud computing. People do not like to carry hardware but demand their data and information, documents etc to transfer itself from one region to another as he moves on. Intuitive Password delivers the same.

With cloud support Intuitive Password gives you synchronized data across servers and devices. You do not need to download or install any application; neither need you to store any data in your disk storage and in memory card.

- Intuitive Password is installation free
- All time updated and synced
- Ready to send and share your passwords with your family and friends at anytime

Organize your data made easy
You will find data organization Visibility Settings inside your account. It allows users to create their required fields and customize the settings so that you can define the information and data that you want to store with the online solution. This eliminates the need for any other solutions or memory spaces. It makes data management easier than ever before.

Multi-factor authentication
This part you should consider as the core strength of any password solution and Intuitive Password has excelled everyone else here. It combined anti-theft techniques and is comprising SMS authentication. The multiple factors authentication system verifies single elements you provide for accessing the data.

Reasons to sign up with Intuitive Password
Given the very nature of password and login data details, it is imperative that individuals and businesses will consistently be looking for professional password management solution. A password management solution that delivers the needs and demands irrespective of geographic differences and language barriers and remaining accurate, accessible and secured from the root is all what they need. Intuitive Password is offering you exactly the same, whether you are a busy professional or an enterprise heavily engaged with data and information technology matters where data security, access control remain vital.

The key for better data and information security is password complexity. And a complex password is hard to keep in mind. That’s why people are adopting to use password management solution. Still they are facing odds as most of the password solutions are not accessible from all the devices, OSs and places. Intuitive Password is pulling an end to that long undesired situation.

Intuitive Password is the best resort in password management that allows you to access your login details from any place, any time around the world. You can use all sorts of technological devices that connect with Internet to get the best support and solution you need for your passwords, login data management. It can be your account details for websites, bank account details, credit card information and so on.

Since Intuitive Password is universal, safe, secure and comply with all security standards and available in great design with easy user interface you can opt to use the free service for the productivity and safety. It is highly unlikely for you to escape the allure of using simple password, easy to predict ones, or repeatedly using the same password or have a common password and setting an administrative one with limited access.

In general, people to plan to stay safe. Nevertheless, in practice, they get into any of the above-mentioned situations and that instantly triggers security violation and uncontrolled and unauthorized access. Given all these enticing, top of the line benefits, you must sign up with Intuitive Password.

Reliability, accessibility and accuracy are at the heart of Intuitive Password. You are at the central point of Intuitive Password being the customer. The online solution will maintain your confidentiality with its deep defense system. The service will remain responsible with accountability and authentication.

Sign up with Intuitive Passwords if you are concerned for your password management. It takes minutes to sign up with them. For more information please visit

Last updated 1 Jun 2013

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