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Invade and plunder your enemies with a great new online war strategy game for mobile

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Invasion: Online war game is a thrilling online war simulation and real-time battle strategy ... More

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Published 18 Aug 2015

Its not so long ago that if you saw someone playing a game on their smartphone or tablet, the chances are it was something rather genial like scrabble or pictionary. Angry Birds and Candy Crush soon changed all that when they exploded onto the online gaming market. However, despite all this, the truth is... the really cool kids were all playing World of Warcraft. These days, there's little doubt that the big improver in the mobile gaming scene is the MMOG online strategy game. You only have to turn on the TV to see huge advertisements for games like Forge of Empires and Game of War - the latter even enlisting the talents of supermodel Kate Upton in its promotions. The newest ofthese games to be unleashed onto the market is an exciting online war strategy game called Invasion: Online War Game. It offers thrilling online war simulation and real-time battle strategy -all wrapped up in superb visuals and atmospheric music.

Invasion: Online War Game is a game for both iOS and Android that lets you take up arms in a post-apocalyptic 2020 world. Governments and cities have fallen and your rivals are competing for survival, power and the ultimate domination in a chaotic new age. This real-time strategy game for your mobile device requires you to build up your base, upgrade your buildings, research new capabilities, invade enemies, defend your homelands and create diplomatic ties with other players.

The point of the game is to fight to become the dominant military presence in the world, defeat your enemies and to march on to total victory. You can do this by allying with friends and fighting for territory while experiencing exhilarating, real-time alliance battles. As you battle it out with multiple players, you'll experience the constant change and surprise of real-time war. You'll fight for every inch of land, plunder your enemies and steal their resources. You'll expand your guild’s territory by collecting intelligence and dominating your opponents. You'll always know what they are up to and when you should strike against them by consulting your real-time panoramic map.

Invasion is the newest offering from noted online games developer Tap4Fun - whose main claim to fame has been the excellent Galaxy Legend series. There are three core features of Tap4Fun games. First up, they believe in having their games accessible for all your devices so, if you go for the iOS version, you can play it on either your iPad or iPhone, depending whether you are at home or out and about. They send out free, regular updates so you'll always be up-to-date on any new game elements and bug fixes. Finally, they offer free in game support to help you through any glitches you may come across. In case you are unaware, MMOG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Game and is a multiplayer video game which is capable of supporting large numbers of players simultaneously. If you want to join the online strategy gaming community with an action packed game that not only thrills and excites but also looks great, then Invasion fits the bill perfectly. What's more, you can play it for free.



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