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Developer description

Many coloring apps are on the market like Colorfy, Recolor, Pigment etc. but Invisible Pix is the most unique!

It has the most flexible and creative way to color in as it is the only one that can color the lines and fills seperatly.
First you reveal the image with any color you like, after that you can color in the same free way. With the great “MAGIC PEN”, you will always stay within the lines, so even on small devices it's easy to be creative!

The crayon-typed brush and the intentionally missing of a bucket fill leads to very creative images. But as in real drawings with pens you still need some practise, so don't give up too soon!
This way you will become the most creative colorist and create the most amazing images!

The app has many series to choose from, started from animals over princesses and mandalas to famous paintings! All are drawn by renowned german and british illustrators and many more will come in the future.

Not only for kids, the app is for everyone who like to color and draw. The main audience will be parents with their childrens.
The app is family-friendly without adds and it is free to test every single series. You only need to pay for the series you like to have completely. In contrast to many other coloring apps there is no subscription needed and you can use it in offline mode.

Last updated 29 Jun 2016

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