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Dearly beloved, its a social place to pray

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Published 5 Sep 2012

[cont'd] the world. You can quickly see prayer requests you've made as well as prayers that have been answered and, not to mention who is praying for you right now. At a glance you can see some really cool stats from other users using InviteToPray and see how many prayer requests have been posted, how many have been answered and how many new people are using the app. Share your prayers publicly or, if it's something more sensitive you can mark it private for your viewing only or share it anonymously. You can also share a prayer request just with certain people in your social network if you'd prefer. No matter what, you have total control!
InviteToPray was developed by GetSocialChurch - company whose mission is to enable church growth through social media and help missionaries throughout the world raise funds necessary to support God's calling. It takes religion well and truly into the world of social networks and enables you to share your prayer requests easily and simply with friends, family, church members and anyone else who you think needs the Lord's help. It lets you know who is praying for you and quickly lets others know that you are praying for them or you can  leave them notes of encouragement and celebrate when your prayers are answered. You can invite your friends from all around the globe to join from Facebook, Twitter or email and spread the word around the world.