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Published 10 Nov 2011

As invoice management systems go this one’s standard functions are available for £15 a month which lets you generate 30 invoices to an unlimited number of clients. This should cover a lot of small businesses out there but for just another tenner you can up this limit to 150 invoices a month.

They are not re-inventing the wheel with Invoice Atom but the clarity of the feature pages is good and navigation around the site is easy.

From the main dashboard you instantly get an overview of all invoices categorised as per status, i.e. draft, open, paid and overdue. From here you can access all of the other features on offer.

The client section lets you manage all details and allows for multiple contact information to be added giving you plenty of options if the main man happens to be unreachable.

The invoice generation feature can handle multi-currency business as well as calculating tax and adding shipping costs where necessary. Recurring invoices can also be automated cutting out repetitive tasks. When it comes to getting them to your clients you can export the data and send a hard copy or ping it down the line as a PDF file.

To help with collecting sums due reminders can be automated to go out just prior to due date or when it becomes overdue. In the same way you can make sure your client is thanked for his payment and keep up some positive goodwill.

It certainly looks very neat and...