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Invoicebus is a new, easier way to create and manage invoices online, with less effort, but more ... More

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Published 17 Feb 2012

Invoicebus is one of those potentially free business and accounting applications where you think to yourself - what's the catch? It is so chock full of tools to take care of your complete financial needs you probably won't have to look elsewhere. Invoicebus manages your online finance simply and professionally and features everything from creating invoices and quotations, taxation, all your accounts in all foreign currencies and pretty well everything in between. What's more, if you are a small business, you may well not have to pay anything at all.
There is little worse in business than dealing with a company that has poor invoicing and more customers leave because of that reason than any other. Invoicebus is a new, easier way to create and manage invoices online with simplicity being it's prime objection. It's vast array of tools include the ability to create invoices and quotes and send them by email and be notified when the client views the message. Clients can answer the quote directly from their inbox. Manage your clients, items and taxes and generate PDF, send reminders and thank you notes all from the same place. All world currencies are supported and the dashboard works in real-time  enabling you to data manage on the fly. Security is via state of the art cloud servers. There are a number of pricing plans all based on how many clients you have at your disposal but for 3 or less clients the service is totally free with all tools available to you.
There are plenty of accounting and invoicing tools available like Wave Accounting and Accounting ASAP and each has its own little take on things. Some have a time tracking tool, expenses, contact lists etc but Invoicebus doesn't have any of these -  deliberately. It believes the most important part of the proceedings is the invoice creation in the first place and concentrates totally on invoices and accounts and does it well and very simply and easily. even if you deal with a larger number of accounts Invoicebus has a cost effective pricing plan to cover it. It might be time to get on the bus.

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