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Published 14 Oct 2011

If you’re just stepping out into the business world alone for the first time then the most important thing you’ll need to be on top of is invoicing. Just as important is recording who’s paid you and although it’s quite possible to muddle along using Excel these things usually get left until "later".

InvoiceFox will give you all of the basic functions you need to raise great looking invoices in an instant which can then be downloaded and printed or emailed directly to a client. Simply fill in the template boxes, add the client from the pre-loaded list, include the charging details and you’re done. The invoice will appear on a running list on the main dashboard that shows due date, tax amount if applicable and any payments made. The dashboard also has tabs that split out the information into paid, overdue and cancelled.

Adding a payment takes seconds and just three clicks. You can also mark part paid invoices and the balance will just adjust to show you what’s still unpaid.

The basic free package includes all of the above plus a feature for statistics to help you monitor customer payment behaviour. There is a plus package available with prices ranging from $9 -$12 a month depending on whether you’re willing to sign up for 1,3 or 6 months at a time. With this package you get the ability to raise estimates and then convert them to invoices if accepted at the click of a button. It also...