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Follow your sales and easily create estimates and invoices with Invokit.

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Published 28 Sep 2012

Using Invokit is a bit like hiring a time and motion study for your business without your staff getting upset by the intrusion. This set of business management tools is aimed at smartening up the way work gets done from the creation of your product catalog right through to the point where you get paid. It offers a complete customer relations management platform and is totally accessible from your mobile phone wherever you are in the world and whenever you need to access it.
Invokit is a business application that lets you track sales and easily create estimates and invoices all from the relative comfort of your mobile phone. With this application you can quickly and easily search, create and update detailed customer records, estimates and invoices and send your invoices by email to your customers. Update your product catalog and price and write notes and program events The Invokit application gives you access to your sales figures wherever you are - even on the go with the Invokit mobile applications. The point of the exercise is to increase sales and efficiency and encourage better teamwork and collaboration amongst staff members. It also let's you focus on the work being done rather than the copious amount of paperwork it throws up which means you get paid faster. In fact, you are notified as soon as the payment deadline is exceeded so you can boost your late customers with one click. No software is required as Invokit is a Saas service so all you need is an Internet connection to be up and running in seconds. Invokit features fail safe security with data backed up and is secured regularly in three separate locations.
One of the most useful aspects of Invokit is that it utilizes many of the features that you use regularly on the Internet making it incredibly user-friendly. If you already have a product catalog in Excel, Access or your old billing software it's easy to import it directly into your account.You can even personalize your quotes, invoices, delivery notes and other docs to your company image. This set of business management tools is a very professional and cost effective way of managing all aspects of your business very easily and, being based in the cloud, is always accessible wherever you are. Invokit is powerful and very easy to use as well as being fully customizable with benefits you won't find with a lot of traditional software.

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