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Inwiter wants to make life’s special moments even more precious. Instead of boring greeting ... More

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Published 6 May 2013

Online greetings cards are a bit in the doldrums these days. It's almost as if we are all waiting for the next big innovation to come through. Apart from some rather witty ones coming through the Some eCards and Rotten eCards roster, there are precious few really interesting and innovative cards to send to your family and friends that aren't...well, kinda dull. So, why not create something of your own that will capture some attention? Inwiter is a new video greetings card creator that helps you create custom made video invitations and greetings using your own films, music, text and voiceovers that can be used for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and invites.
Inwiter makes life’s special moments even more precious with this easy to use social video application. Instead of sending boring greeting cards and invitations that you can get at big box stores or online, you can now easily create personalized, custom video invitations and video greetings with. The app uses state of the art technology in the event management industry to create imaginative, artistic, personalized and lively video invitations and video greetings that can be customized for any occasion. Inwiter provides the platform to add life to your greeting cards and invitations by uploading your own images and videos, add some back ground music, add messages or captions for each image or a cool personal video to make things lively. It takes barely a few minutes to create your own video invitation or video greeting online. You can record a video message online and send it. The sleek and easy to use editor allows you to shuffle the images and videos and preview your video invitation or greeting. Then you can just import your guest contacts, select a cool background theme and use the RSVP option for invitations. Keep track of who is able to view your video greeting or share your masterpiece on your favorite social network.
Well it is certainly true that the greeting card has lost a lot of its gloss over the years. The ones you buy in the shops are pretty expensive too. But if you look online you will find plenty of dull free ones. Inwiter adds a bit of gloss and a change for your greetings by offering a fully customizable video invites and cards that will bring a smile to the recipients face. You can personalize them with your own recorded videos or photos and add captions, text and you can even do your own VoiceOver and music to add the finishing touch. It's an easy way to say hello or invite your friends and family how much you care about them.

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